Team Augmentation - Outsourcing

Team Augmentation

Team Augmentation is our traditional service offering, it is our outsourcing strategy whereby we support you in finding the right talent for your projects and initiatives.

We have access to a database of multi-skilled, highly performant and experienced consultants. Our strategy consists of evaluating the existing team

and determining which additional skills are required. We are committed to providing the

the best service in order to achieve your business demands and objectives.

Access to qualified, experienced teams on demand

Our team augmentation offering is a model which allows clients to supplement their existing in-house teams with skilled resources from Orcan Intelligence. Our team

possess vast expertise within Data Science & AI, Data Engineering and Business Intelligence.

The benefits of using our Team Augmentation Services are;

- Access to a mature database of expert consultants

- Responsive and fast turnaround

- Improve the overall project quality

- Accelerating and improving your business

- Increasing operational efficiency

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Whats next?

We are always working with clients who are launching innovative projects, offering opportunities to join their exciting and developing teams.